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02-02-2008, 12:57 PM
Heres some history on my problems... about 10,000 miles ago my car was misfiring horribly. I ended up bringing it to a shop and they replaced the ICM (with a Bosch) and a coil pack (Beru). I thought for sure it was just the ICM. Anyways, car drove fine for a while.

Two weeks ago my car started misfiring again, so I changed the spark plugs.

The cars driven fine since then, until yesterday when it started misfiring again. For a while it wasn't even driveable. I started playing musical coilpacks, and the misfires didn't follow the coils, so I figured it was the ICM. I ordered a new Huco ICM with 2 day air delivery (total of $130), which should be here Tuesday. Then when I was driving around, it had a misfire on one of the cylinders that I suspected had a bad coil pack. Which totally messes with me and leaves me clueless and confused.

Now heres something that I found interesting. The problem two weeks ago was during a wet and coldy day, and yesterday we had a pretty bad mix of snow and slush. Both times, misfires. Today its dry, I can't get it to misfire.

When I removed the coilpacks there was condensation on the bottom of them as well. It wasn't oil, so I don't think its my valve cover gasket and they were cranked down pretty hard so there was a good seal between the outside and inside of that little chamber.

So the three scenarios I'm seeing right now are:

ICM blew again -- How likely is that?
My other coil packs are shot -- But I thought AEB coilpacks didn't go. The guy at the Audi parts department said hes never sold an AEB coil pack in 9 years.
Somehow water is getting in there and screwing it up? Maybe new boots?

Any help? If I had the dough I would just replace it all, but I can't afford to drop $400+ on ignition right now...

EDIT: A friend of mine just suggested the cam position sensor, how big of an issue are those on our cars?

EDIT 2: I just went outside and sprayed down the coil packs with a water mister to see if it was moisture that affected it at all. I even loosened the coil pack bolts to try and break the seal a little bit, didn't misfire.

02-03-2008, 07:34 PM
Dry day today, cars running fine. WTF-Bump?