View Full Version : bumpers? USA & Euro, Australian, for FMIC

01-19-2008, 01:42 AM

just wondered if anyone had a good idea with the difference between USA and euro or (mine Australian) bumper. As looking to fit a big FMIC behind the standard bumper such as this 034motorsport.

thank you

01-19-2008, 01:44 AM
be ready to cut that bumper support up to fit an FMIC, there are some that fit with minor trimming, some need major cutting. search and you will find.

EDIT: by the way, not too many differences. U.S spec had the headlight washer nozzles, i believe euro spec (and australia) did not have these, and the bumper on the euro i believe did not stick out forward as much.......

01-19-2008, 02:03 AM
thanks, well if the bumper sticks out less on the euro then I guess the bigger IC ie 034motorsprt won't fit, but the racetec should be fine tho