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01-16-2008, 12:36 PM
pulled the fault codes from the central lock function on vag-com. The first one was central locking pump expired and the second was key 1 adaptation limit surpassed. What do these mean??? Also want to know how to program a new key with the vag-com???

Fier Ringe
01-21-2008, 08:24 AM
The code for the key adaption limit surpassed is due to a remote battery low. The locking pump fault shows up a lot even without a problem. Sometimes it can indicate a leak in an air line, but if everything is working okay they I would just erase it. To reprogram the remote, just go to 35 central electronics then adaption channel 21, select remote programming channel 1-4 and then press any button on the remote and it should go to recognized, then save and accept. For a second key go back to channel 21 and select a different channel than the first key, hit a button, save and accept.

01-25-2008, 05:28 PM
This post is different from those already here, but still related to "key problems".

OK, here goes....

My CPO 2006 A4 3.2 came with 4 keys; two fobs, a valet and the all black emergency key. One fob appears to be dead. The salesperson said for me to use the key in the ignition so that it will "recharge". I've never heard of this before and am VERY skeptical. Years of owning VW's with fobs and I've never heard this.

The other fob has worked flawlessly until I upgraded my very old NAV+ software from v0040 to v0200. Following the upgrade (related or not), my only working fob stopped working (e.g. stopped locking/unlocking/popping trunk) remotely. I can still manually lock/unlock the car, and when doing so, the doors lock, the alarm arms and the LED flashes. Actually the LED flashes five or six times rapidly and I seem to recall this behavior when a key is in the ignition. Only problem, is that there isn't a key in the ignition or anywhere else in the car to my knowledge.

It had been suggested that the CCM may be confused following the SW upgrade to the NAV+ and disconnecting the NEG cable to the battery might be enough to force the CCM to reset.


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