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PM Anthony about becoming an advertiser.

I've added some helpful brake information to the PW thread. Braking dynamics are not to be misunderstood. That is especially true when what is thought to be an advantage is actually a weakness.

Fit that Cayenne setup to the fronts and I'll bet your stopping distances get longer not shorter. The real limiting factor is the tire's traction right up to the point of lockup. Since the big P-car Brembos need less line pressure to get the same result the rears are doing much less work. Balance is absolutely critical when it comes to braking distances. You might want to read through Stoptech's white papers and do some math before slapping mismatched parts on cars.

Here, I'll get you started with some basic reading. This shows that a tiny difference in piston size changes overall results dramatically. Very few big brake kits actually stop shorter than stock brakes with comparable pads.