View Full Version : driveline vibes?

12-15-2007, 10:30 PM
well i have had driveline vibes since i got the car. as of yesterday i have mad heavy vibrations under any kind of load. I have an apr snub mount, and i noticed some play in the rear diff on the front rubber mount. i took it out and reinforced the the center with 14mm steel inserts around the mount. seems to be a nice solid fix. go back out on the street and soon as i give it any gas. mad vibes and now a ting noise on load changes.

center carrier bearing is good and u joint is solid. now when to twist the drive shaft back and forth you can hear the ting noises and it just seems to resonate in the rear section of the driveshaft. i can only think that maybe the rear cv is shot and i am getting a bad bind.

nothing moves on the drive line trans is not moving, rear diff seems solid and the carrier bearing seems good too... so [confused]