View Full Version : Spark Plug question

12-05-2007, 08:15 PM
hey guys, i changed my plugs about every 10-12 000 km. last two times i changed i noticed one is always a little different. I have some pics of them wondering if one of my coilpacks might be done or on its way out. Reason why i think that is i never hit 18PSI anymore. i usually spike 15 hold 13 when i am by myself. And if i have a few people in the car and under heavy acceleration the boost gauge flutters from 10 to 13 psi pretty quick never goes higher than that. I have checked for boost leaks and there is none, i changed my fuel pressure vac and intake vac going to DV. Any ideas anyone? any more vacs i should change?

Here are the links to the spark plugs pics the one in question is spark plug 4. thanks for everyones input.