View Full Version : An Audi on news for wrong reasons - AZ Member?

12-02-2007, 12:27 AM
A mob set upon a car in a Glen Waverly shopping strip thing last night (presumably last night...) and caused considerable injury to the three occupants and damage to the car.

The car was a B5 (pre facelift) A4, black, aftermarket wheels and maybe brake lights (it's hard to tell when they're smashed). Although the assault wasn't a result of the car being an Audi or anything, it is chilling to see the same model of car as your own in that state as the result of a violent and rationally unprovoked assault. Regardless of the make of the car, my best wishes go out to the victims.

Is it just me or is unprovoked automobile-centric violence on the up and up in Melbourne? I'm remembering that Hummer incident earlier in the year.

I don't believe the owner was an AZ member, but I feel I should check?