View Full Version : -28RS wastegate help- Got another one and arm is too small

11-21-2007, 04:11 PM

You get the idea right? The arm has to go to the end where the V band comes to So its supposed to be longer than this.

I cant even find a longer one on ATP's site so i figure, shit , time to take into my hands (again) and remove the old arm and somehow weld it onto this actuator

Only thing im worried about is the actual length of the arm that can throw off when the actuator closes the flap....

Either way, i dont want to spend $80 on a new one unless i absolutely have to.

Looking for tips/advice I only looked once, but after i remove the actuator bracket from the turbo, how do i get the arm off of the flap? I do not feel/see a c clip.....


Should be this long: http://www.precisionturbo.net/ART/GT28-Back.jpg

Shout out to Bassed- Reppin the PA

11-21-2007, 04:19 PM
LOL i was gonna tell you to contact bassed to see if he has his old wastegate actuator before he converted to external. Then I read the last line of the post. I'm sure as long as you know the correct length you can have someone weld it together. Where did you get the replacement?