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11-17-2007, 02:15 PM
ok so i decided its getting way to cold to run outside at 5am just to warm up my car...so i went on the hunt for a remote start...found this guy(seemed pretty nice at the time) and set up a day for him to install a remote start for me...after he looks at the car he gives me this whole deal about how audis are harder to wire up and its gunna cost me more so i say 4get it then cuz iv been told its jus the same as any other car...anyway long story short he starts to work and then couldnt figure out why it wouldnt start...everything else works just fine cept the remote start(most important part)...anyhow i go crazy and search online to see wat the problem could be...turns out he didnt bypass the clutch?(wat an ass[headbang])anyhow he said he didnt have the bypass and a bunch more excuses...now its been 3 days and i cant get in touch with him(glad i havnt paid him yet[:D]) but now i want this damn thing to work...when i press the remote start on the keychain its sounds like it wants to start and if im in the car and hold the clutch pedal down it does start...my question to you guys is....is there a way i can do this myself? or is it way too difficult and should i find sum1 whos done it b4?...also is there a special part i need to buy first?...


sorry for it being so long.....

11-17-2007, 04:23 PM
yeah there are two ways you can do this... 1. you can cut and ground your clutch wire(one of two wires on your clutch pedal plug that will test negative when you depress the clutch). this will make it so that your car will start without pressing the clutch all of the time. 2. you can wire in a relay http://www.the12volt.com/relays/page4.asp will supply you with a negative relay diagram .. your status output on your remote start will be the input on the relay and the clutch wire will be the output this will make it so that only when the remote start is activated will the pedal be grounded. this should work for you. and was it a smaller shop that refused you? that's uncommon