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11-09-2007, 01:53 PM
2001 1.8tqms
i'm not entirely sure how to explain this so bear with me.

the sound i hear seems to come from behind the cluster/center vents (air was off), and or behind the shifter/ stereo. At times its hard to tell because i'm driving, but today it was very consistant and seemed to come from behind the cluster/center vents. If you know what some particles of sand in a cyclone vacume...thing, would sound like, then thats kind of what i hear. its from about 1,200-2,500 rpms at mid throttle, at WOT it seems to make the sound, but not always, its also harder to tell because it revs much quicker. this happens both in gear, but only in 1st-3rd, and in neutral...

When i tried to show my dad... it didn't make the sound, so its not always, but i've heard it enough that i'm always listening for it. A friend of mine who heard it thought it might've been either my cat, or clutch, but he has about as much knowledge about this as i do... so thats why i'm asking.
also, chasis has 153k, engine has 54k, not sure if the clutch was replaced when the engine was (previous owner)...

Thanks in advance

11-14-2007, 09:08 PM
Bump - it was happening again last night, my friends and i were trying to figure out where it was coming from. the sound seems to be comeing souly from the dash, and possibly echoing through the vents... it very distinct above/behind the glovebox.

another sound that was weird was there was a rattle/vibration coming from my exhaust that my friend heard while i was next to him in traffic, said it sounded like a heatsheald or a leak from the front of the car.. only happened two or three times and never again, haven't gotten under it to check it out though...