View Full Version : Oil filter location/OIL CHANGE DIY writeup?

10-19-2007, 03:49 PM
What's up guys...can anyone tell me where the oil filter location is on the 2.8L 30v motor?

I'm also curious what the part # is for the FACTORY OIL FILTER and recommended OIL?

Thanks in advance!

10-20-2007, 05:15 PM
It's pretty easy to find. It's right in the front bottom area of the engine kind of on the drivers side. Just look under the front of your car and you should see it, And the oil plug is right behind the filter. The 2.8 is an extremely easy car to change the oil on. And for the recommended oil, you can check this post (http://www.audiforums.com/m_16044/tm.htm)about what Audi recommends. I personally use Royal Purple 5w40. The Factory oil filter I believe is a Mahn or Mahle, Not sure of the part number but if you go to ECS and enter your cars info it will bring you to the appropriate filter. This one here (http://ecstuning.com/stage/edpd/pagebuild_v2.cgi?searchstring=oil+filter&searchqt=byvehicle&make=Audi&model=B5+A4&submodel=Quattro&engine=V6+30v) should be the right one for you.