View Full Version : A4 front track rear bumpstop part number request

10-05-2007, 08:43 AM
okay, so I've come to the realization that this truely is a bastard car, and even after telling people multiple times, they still give me answers as if it was a AWD car
current debacle:

taking off perfectly good coilovers to put simple shocks and springs on (yeah I'm silly like that)

shocks: I had to special order the rears because the warehouse doesn't stock them

springs: I'll let you know how this goes, the first set purchased from one of the the most respected names in performance VW/Audi suspension didn't work (the springs they sent weren't even for a A4 )

now the latest issue: bumpstops

I figure when I put the new springs and shocks in I'll replace the bump stops, the front were no problem to source, however the parts supplier relayed this message to my middle man:

"I am being told there are no rear bumpstops for this car. The rear shocks have 2 eye holes which can have anything inserted onto. Does this sound right?"

seeing as I have the replacement shocks in my hand and the rears look just like the standard VW trailing beam rear shocks, I can't see any validity to this statement.

are the 2 eye holes a quattro thing?

would anyone be kind enough to provide part numbers for the rear bumpstops?


(yeah its an X post from vortex, but I figure thois board gets a bit more traffic)