View Full Version : car cranks but won't start HELP!!!!!!!

dj jerrylee
09-26-2007, 03:12 PM
I recently installed a new clutch in my 96 a4 2.8 quattro after that I drove the car and it ran fine .then it stalled out .sine then the car has not started I changed the spark plugs and put n a new battery but still nothing it turns over but just won't run my mechanics couldn't figure it out until a family friend hooked up a noid light 2 the injectors and sed thatg I'm not gettin fuel 2 the injectors but everything else seems 2 b right . Ne1 know wat part needs 2 be replaced? Is it the crankshaft sensor? Ignition control module? Or cam shaft sensor

09-26-2007, 06:31 PM
When I replaced my clutch I had the same symptoms and the code I got was the engine speed sensor. I guess when the tranny was dropped, my mechanic forgot to disconnect the sensor and it snapped the wire. Replaced that and it started up perfectly.

Fier Ringe
10-05-2007, 02:04 PM
Yeah, double check the crankshaft position sensor (engine speed sensor) for damaged wiring. There may also be a spacer between the sensor and the transmission housing. Or it may have just failed after being moved around a bit during clutch install.