View Full Version : power delivery seems off

09-26-2007, 09:15 AM
Hey guys, I've been havin some issues with my 99. Maybe its just me,but it seems to be a little hesitant. Can't quite put my finger on it..
Some of you may remember I began posting here with an 01..but I don't wanna talk about that :(.

Any how, its 99 1.8tQ. I purchased the car with 75 k miles, and have come to find out it has a TAP stage 1 chip,as well as custom 3 inch piping. I believe the turbo is stock.
Boost peaks at 14 psi in 4th or 5th gear, with occasional spikes to 16.

I built my own intake with heatsheild,and haven't experienced any lag sort of problems that would be associated with heat. However, I haven't mounted my Ignition Control Unit to my heatsheild yet. Right now its just in a cold air path.

Would that unit being to hot cause unwanted behavior? I haven't checked my plugs yet either.. but its not like anything I've come across before.

If i had to describe it,I'd say it feels as if there was little bubbles of air in the fuel,or something odd like that.

I also have a problem with the gas tank not filling, basically i can put in one gallon at a time, each time pulling the handle to vent it. Otherwise the pump thinks its full.

I just got the vent valve in yesterday.Install tonight,hopefully. Could that play a part in it?

Sorry for the vagueness, but like I said, in the 10 or more years I've been messin with cars, I've never seen this.

Anyone have any ideas, something I can check out?

this is what my intake setup looks like now. I have a piece of sheet metal "wrapped" around the intake, that also bends down into the bumper to funnel cold air, as well as the factory heatsheild between my shield and the turbo.