View Full Version : B7 A4: 3M/Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection

09-20-2007, 06:33 AM
Hello all,

Just wanted to post that i finished installing two pieces of this 3M Paint Protection on the two parts of paint above my fog lights. I want to avoid stone chips and sandblast from highway driving as much as i can so when i purchased the vehicle i had the dealer install the hood and the mirrors and charged my $250 when i just realized the kits are going for $60 !!! those bastards :)

Anyway i included some pics of where i installed it for everyone to see.


Materials Needed

- 50/50 Solution of Water and Rubbing Alcohol
- Squeegee
- Cut out piece of 3M material


NOTE: Wash your car and make sure its free of any dirt or stains or they will remain under for ever, trust me i know !!! there is a small mosquito implanted under my clear tape forever b/c i didn't see it :)

1. Cut out the material i needed.

2. Since these are two small pieces all i did was mix a 50/50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

2. I washed my hands with soap and left them wet so when i touch the adhesive side of the product it wont leave finger prints or dirt.

3. Sprayed my hands with the alcohol solution just to make sure they are still wet and peeled the material making sure not to make it stick to itself.

4. I sprayed the sticky side of the product and the car with the solution. Make sure to use quite a bit of spray as you want to keep it wet or else it will dry on you

5. I place the material on the car where i wanted it to go, and sprayed some more, and then started to squeegee all the water outwards to the edges. Keep wetting the top of the material to make sure the squeegee slides

6. Make sure all the water and bubbles are out and if you need to peel apart the material to remove a air bubble make sure to spray some more.