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09-11-2007, 04:02 PM
Yesterday I was driving home from the store, and going up a hill, the car kept cutting out and almost stalling. It did it for about 30 seconds and then resumed normal driving the rest of the way home. Today, starting it up, it would rev to idle, drop to about 75RPM and repeat a few times before it settled down. I turned the car off and started it again, and the same thing happened, this time with a CEL.

Whipped out the VAG-COM and scanned it. Came back with two codes

Overboost <-- Don't know how this one happened, the car has never seen a day of boost levels greater than ~ 7 pounds.

and Mass Air Flow had a high reading.

I ran to the store, and on my way back, at a red light, it bogged down once and returned to normal.

Is this a MAF sensor issue or an N75 issue, or something greater?

09-14-2007, 10:27 AM
Unfortunately none of the ideas and input you've all had has worked...

09-14-2007, 11:01 AM
Sounds like the MAF is shot or perhaps the wiring is bad. Also could be large air leak in the system.

09-15-2007, 01:41 AM
That's what I'm hoping is it's just the MAF. $126 dealer-price is apparently cheap (considering what a MAF is)........ lol.