View Full Version : Replaced my stock turbo with another stock turbo....still problems and need advice

09-08-2007, 05:58 PM
Ok, so first of all let me say that I have a 2001 1.8TQM with and AWM motor. The car has 145k miles.

I am in the middle of a series of problems and I'm starting to get very frustrated.

Problem #1 - oil sludge and no oil pressure.
I removed the oil pan (what fun that was) and took care of all of the sludge on the pickup. The mechanical gauge did not have a reading before cleaning the pickup. After cleaning, I am getting 25 psi at idle and it went as high as 70 until I stopped revving the motor. Problem solved, although i am still going to do the PCV R&R.

Problem #2 - Stock turbo done for
I noticed some slight metal shavings in the oil pan when cleaning it out while dropping it to clean the pickup. I checked the cam caps and they were all good with no scoring. I also checked the rod bearings and they were fine as well. Turns out that my stock turbo was shot. The nut that holds the blades on somehow came off and ate up the blades pretty bad. I got a used low mileage K03s and changed it out today. The car was smoking bad before, but now the smoking is gone. Hopefully this is problem solved, but read on further.

Problem #3 - Won't hold idle.
Immediately after replacing the turbo, the car will not hold idle. After trying to recheck everything, I think about a broken vacuum hose that I also replaced today. I'm not really sure what it goes to, but it goes from the little nipple on the intake manifold closest to the front of the car to underneath the intake manifold. This is what most people use to suck in seafoam as well i believe. Link here:


See picture in post 12.

Anyway, i take a brick to hold on the throttle enough to keep the car running and i pull off the end of the hose at the nipple. Car then idles fine. Note that I couldn't get a small enough hose clamp to work on these, so they are just slid over the nipples at both ends. What exactly does this go to anyway?

Problem #4 - turbo is still not boosting right

After dealing with this idle problem and thinking that i have it fixed, I take the car for a ride again. It is not boosting and still lacking power. The turbo is also glowing when I try to put it under a load. I assume this means that it is not cooling properly but what could be the cause of this?

I really have no idea where to start now. Known problems that I still need to fix that might or might not be the cause of my issues:
1) The breather hose that connects to the valve cover is absolutely 100% shot. It feels so flimsy that I can almost put my finger through it, and there are two small tears in the bottom of it
2) The check valve at the top of my air intake has a big piece missing out of the plastic and need to be replaced.
3) As mentioned above, the vacuum hose doesn't have clamps on it over the little nipples.
4) There is some kind of an air pump looking thing on the bottom of the car. This has a plastic hose that almost looks like dryer vent hose (only much smaller of course) which goes to the metal pipe that is braced by two bolts onto the front of the turbo. When I was doing the install, I broke this and just used some electrical tape to hold it together for the time being.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

09-08-2007, 06:23 PM
I should also mention that I have not replaced the diverter valve but i will be looking at this tomorrow.

I'm just not so sure about the turbo glowing red hot.

09-09-2007, 07:46 AM
check your oil line and coolant lines and make sure they're getting to the turbo. Your dv might be faulty and is a good place to start as well

09-09-2007, 12:18 PM
you mentioned like 3 vacuum leaks near you intake manifold, those are causing you not to make any boost