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08-29-2007, 07:52 AM
Hello everyone,
Im new to the forum and audi world in general. I am coming from a ford mustng gt but need something good in the snow, reliable, and better than the stang on gas(any audi.) I still definetally want a fun car though. I have been looking at a few cars these in order of most favored- audi s4 2.7t, audi a4 1.8t, or audi a6 2.7t.

What are the main differences in these cars? How much more does the a6 weigh than the s4 or a4. What is the potential of each of these cars without serious internal engine modification. HP? 1/4 mile? Fun factor? etc.

Can somebody please put some insight into my head on what to buy. I ahve been non-stop searching for a nice audi over the past few weeks but have found nothing with low miles and a good price. My main goals are a reliable but still VERY fun car to drive without having to go too high on a loan.

Please give any advice you can and why that would make the smarter or better decision in your opinion. Thank you very mucha nd any help is GREATLY appreciated.

08-29-2007, 09:22 AM
Audi and Turbo is not exactly reliable, the 1.8t tends to sludge up even with synthetic oil, the s4 bi turbo's don't usually last past 100K and the A6 is quite the pig, but a better box for the 2.7t as it allows moderately better cooling then the s4 body.

As far as fun daily driver, Audi has it, the AWD is much more RWD biased then a WRX setup and will prove a blast to tool around with, I can get my 1.8t sideways on dry pavement. The b5 A4 has a joke for a back seat, about the same amount of room as my Prelude coupe had, so the A6 is obviously a roomier, heavier choice.

My advice is bite the bullet and buy a CPO car form an Audi dealer, they took very good care of me:

New Front Brake Pads and Rotors
New Rear Diff seal
Rebuild Head after sludge took a valve or two
New Engine mounts, L&R
All new auto-dim mirrors
New Instrument Cluster

All covered under factory warranty. I bought the car used 3 years ago.