View Full Version : More problems

08-28-2007, 05:11 PM
Well i bought a new trans and got it installed and picked it up this afternoon and everything was working perfectly. Later on I went out to go and everything was fine then I arrive at my destination and shut the car off as normal. I walk out of the store start my car and put it in first to drive away then i go to put it into 2nd gear and it wont go in, or any gear in that matter. So i pull off to the side in a parking lot and shut the car off and checked a few things, everything is looking fine to me so I try again and no luck it wont go in any gear while the car is on so i turn it off and it goes into every gear with the car off. When the car is on i can move the shifter fine but when i depress the clutch in and go to put it in gear it tries to go in but it wont go, all it does is make a weird noise like it trying to work but something is wrong. So my question to you guys is any ideas what it could be. I have tried reving it up and trying to powershift it int gears with no luck. I have no clue what it could be and the trans shop is closed now so i have to wait till morning to call any ideas of a way to check if thing are ok so i can get back on the road?