View Full Version : Help me solve this, Odometer sensor linked to radio display???

08-23-2007, 08:07 PM
I have had a flickering radio display screen on my concert radio for a few months in my B5 A4.
During the day it is fine but at dusk it flickers and at night it may even go blank. I found out tonight that shining a flashlight at the ODOMETER will make the radio display (and odometer) light up nice and bright. Is there a sensor here somewhere that is linked to the radio display? DId you ever notice the odometer stays lit when the door has been opened then closed, and after shutting off the headlights and closing the door there is a delay before the odometer stops illuminating.[confused]

I have also noticed when the bright sunshine is behind the car the radio display is brighter, so this is making me think a sensor is tied in here somehow.

Does anyone have a service manual or electrical manual that may show this information? The radio sound is fine but that display or lack of, is something I would like to solve.

Someone help me solve this mystery!