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08-21-2007, 09:59 AM
Kinda a useless thread, but whatever.

Friday night (4pm to 10pm) - Dropped tranny. We didn't bother taking out the downpipe/cat as it didn't really seem to be in the way that much. We tried getting away with not taking off some of the mounts and hoping it would just wiggle out. That didn't work :( Took the flywheel/clutch off.

Saturday morning - My friend who was helping me tried to resurface the flywheel at the shop he works at. I guess their machine couldn't do it so he just used a scotch brite pad.

Saturday afternoon (1pm to 5pm) - Install clutch disk/pressure plate/flywheel. Rear driveshaft, shifter rods. Getting the tranny back in was almost as much of a bitch as getting it out. We didn't have a transmission jack so we were using two floor jacks (one missing a wheel) and some blocks of wood. We also never really moved the starter that far out of the way and it was blocking the path.

Sunday night (10pm to 3am) - Transmission to engine bolts, front drive axles, slave cylinder, starter, a few mounts here and there.

Monday afternoon (6pm to 7pm) - Driverside and passenger side mounts.

We ran into a lot of stupid problems here and there (slave cylinder and starter come to mind) but it wasn't that horrible.

It was his first clutch job on anything but his 90 Honda Accord and my first in general. If it wasn't for him I'd be lost, so I'm gonna buy him some parts for his MK2 Jetta VR6 swap. [up]

08-21-2007, 10:16 AM
I plan on doing a transmission swap in the next few weeks...

Exactly what problems did you run into? And how can i avoid them. haha

08-21-2007, 10:25 AM
I plan on doing a transmission swap in the next few weeks...

Exactly what problems did you run into? And how can i avoid them. haha

If you can get a transmission jack definitely do it, it'll help you out a ton. You shouldn't really need to take off the cat/downpipe but it might give you an extra inch or two of room on some bolts.

Make sure you take off all the mounts before you try to lower it, our trannys don't like to wiggle. Put the slave cylinder in before you start bolting up the transmission. The thing that makes that hard is you have to depress the cylinder as you are bolting it, bleeding doesn't really help that much. Unless you completely drained all the fluid I guess... but you probably don't want to do that.

It might help you to put the drive axles in place before tightening up the transmission as well. Otherwise just get a big screw drive and try to rock the transmission to the opposite side while pulling in the axle.

Thats about all I could help you with, if you have any specific question let me know and I'll ask my friend for you.