View Full Version : Need confirmation on ecode wiring.

08-18-2007, 12:37 PM
I currently have the ecodes installed and I would like to rewire it. I know how I would do it, but would like some confirmation / suggestions.

First turn: citylights
Second turn: xenons and parking lights using the single filament bulb

Please look at the diagram I've made:

When I turn the knob once for citylights, this action will arrive at BOSCH 30, providing an input voltage. Since there is no current running between 85 and 86, the voltage arriving at 30 will be directed to 87a, which goes out to the citylight 12v.

When I turn the knob the second time for Xenons, the voltage will go to the ballast and at the same time, energize the relay, which will switch the voltage from 87a to 87. This cuts the power to the citylights (and turns off) and provides parking light to the 87, which goes to the parking light bulb.

Now, I decided to stick with the single filament. Check this out.

When the charge from 87 pin arrives at the GRD side of the single filament bulb, it will light. Temporarily, the 12v and GRD will change sides. This is proven in various "make my side marker blink with the turn signals" DIYs out there for various cars. When the turn signal is engaged, the 12v will come from the car on the correct side 12v. Then the bulb will be receiving 12v from BOTH sides and "short out" (in other words, turn off). With each blink, a 12v is arriving at the bulb and every time the 12v arrives at the bulb, it will turn off. When there is no 12v arriving (between signals), there is a 12v being supplied from the 87 pin, so it will light.

Essentially, instead of lighting the bulb intermittently to make it blink, we're turning off the bulb intermittently to make it blink.

Does this look right? Thanks for your time. :0)