View Full Version : I love the pinch bolt

08-11-2007, 07:53 PM
Did a raxle on the passenger side today along w/ upper control arms. An hour to an hour and a half job turns into the usual 7 hours of beating, pb blastering (to no avail), and f-bombs. Why is it always one bolt that turns an easy repair into a nightmare? I got it to move 5/8" out and it refroze itself probably binding in the rear upper c.a. pinch slot. Save yourself time and buy a really good 5/8" drill bit and a set of punches instead of all that heating. Did the driver's side last year and same thing without drilling but 2 days. Sad thing is at 206,000 miles the u.c.a.'s still looked good. Timing belt with 116,000 miles on it will be changed tommorow.[headbang]
I know this story has been posted 1000 times.