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08-08-2007, 02:14 PM
I just ordered a timing belt kit from Diesel Geek and it comes with three cam seals, plus I already have two. When I had my car inspected I was told I had leaking cam seals so why not replace them while I have the timing belt off. Looking in my Chilton's guide I'm not really sure if I need to take the cams out to replace the seals, the illustration shows them at the end of the shaft behind the camshaft sprocket and position sensor. Can I remove those and change the seals without taking the valve cover off or do I have to completely take the valve cover off and cams out?If I do have to take the valve cover off, do I need to replace the gasket? I replaced it a few months ago and I'm not sure if I should get a new one or use the old one with some new RTV sealant. Thanks.

08-08-2007, 02:17 PM
are u talking about the cam tensioner gasket? The 1/2 moon seal under the cam? Shoot me a PM I just did mine... FYI the one for the exhaust cam is already with the valve cover gasket

08-08-2007, 02:25 PM
these seals here

08-08-2007, 02:33 PM
A trick you can do is to drive wood screws into them and pull them out... To insert the new ones, just find a peice of PVC pipe the same size and press them into place... No removal of camshafts needed...

08-08-2007, 02:38 PM
good answer :D i had seen a picture of exactly what you're talking about though i ant find it now. thanks.

08-08-2007, 06:09 PM
So if I were to replace these two I'd need to take the camshaft sprocket off and the camshaft position sensor. Wouldnt taking the camshaft sprocket off ruin the alignment of the valves/clyinders? How sould I go about this without screwing it up? Is there a way to lock the cams in place when I take it off or do I have to unbolt it with the belt on and try my hardest not to rotate the cams putting it back on? If I took the position sensor off could I hold the cams in place while doing the sprocket seal and then hold the sprocket while doing the sensor seal?

08-08-2007, 06:16 PM
I would NOT do this without the cam lock tool... But the sprockets are keyed so they only go on one way...

08-08-2007, 06:21 PM
what if i took the valve cover off and marked the chain so i could put it back in the original position? even if it only turns one way im going to have to turn the bolt hard to tighten and loosen it and its not going to be in the same position im eventually going to have to turn it with the belt off to put it back on. is the cam lock something cheap i can pick up at the dealer?

08-08-2007, 11:51 PM
So I discussed this with someone and decided that the safest way to go about this is to take the valve cover off and mark the internal chain with the engine at TDC. I'd then take the sprocket and sensor off and replace the cam seals, if they don't go in that easily I can loosen the things securing the cams down to make the seals go on easier. With the new seals in I'd put the sensor and sprocket back on, create a new mark on the sprocket and block with the mark on the internal chain aligned and finish the timing belt. The valve cover gasket probably doesn't have 1000 miles on it, its rubber and I'm going to coat it in RTV sealant anyway so screw getting a new one I don't want to delay this for shipping. Plus I bought a coil cover from 034, I can shave the stud off the valve cover with it off the car so I don't get shavings everywhere.

08-09-2007, 08:24 AM
The cams are not going to move - they are chained together in the rear of the engine. also the sprocket already has a marking for TDC - set it to TDC before you start and make sure its there when you finish. Here are the audi service procedures

Oil seals for camshafts, replacing
Cylinder head installed
Lock carrier in service position Page 13-1
Special tools and equipment
2085 seal puller
3241 seal installer
3036 retainer
Replacing exhaust camshaft oil seal
- Remove ribbed belt and ribbed belt tensioner Page 13-15 .
- Remove engine covers.
- Remove upper toothed belt cover Page 13-29 .
- Turn crankshaft at central bolt of toothed belt gear in direction of engine rotation to TDC Cyl. 1 marking (arrows).


Before removing toothed belt, note direction of rotation with chalk or felt-tip marker. Reversing the direction of rotation of a used belt can destroy the belt.
- Loosen tensioner (arrows) and lift toothed belt from camshaft gear.
- Use 3036 Retainer to loosen camshaft gear.
- Remove camshaft gear.
- Thread camshaft gear retaining bolt (arrow) into camshaft by hand until stop to guide 2085 seal puller.
- Unthread inner part of 2085 seal puller two turns (approx. 3 mm) and secure using knurled bolt.
- Grease threaded head of 2085 seal puller, attach and with forced pressure screw into oil seal as far as possible.
- Loosen knurled bolt and turn inner part against crankshaft until oil seal is removed.
- Clamp 2085 seal puller in vise at flat surfaces. Remove oil seal using pliers.


- Lightly oil lip of oil seal.
- Place 3241/2 guide sleeve on end of camshaft.
- Slide oil seal over guide sleeve.
- Using 3241/5 camshaft fitting tool and 3241/1 pressure sleeve, press oil seal in to stop.
- Install camshaft gear.
Note position: thin rib of camshaft gear points outward (arrows) and TDC Cyl. 1 marking is visible from the front.
- Using 3036 retainer, install camshaft gear retaining bolt.
- Align marking on camshaft gear with marking on cylinder head cover.
- Align marking on vibration damper to that on lower toothed belt cover.

While turning camshaft, valves could hit pistons that are at TDC. Verify that no piston is at TDC. Valves and/or pistons may be damaged.
- Install toothed belt (adjust valve timing) Page 13-32 .
Follow all procedures for removing and installing toothed belt Page 13-29 .
- Install ribbed belt and ribbed belt tensioner Page 13-15 .

When installing the ribbed belt, make sure it is seated correctly on the pulleys.
Tightening torques
Tightening torques
Camshaft gear to camshaft
65 Nm
Ribbed belt tensioner to mounting bracket
25 Nm

08-09-2007, 12:35 PM
The cams are not going to move - they are chained together in the rear of the engine. also the sprocket already has a marking for TDC - set it to TDC before you start and make sure its there when you finish. Here are the audi service procedures
i dont mean they'd move independently of each other, i mean if i moved the cam sprocket while taking the bolt off wouldnt both of them spin? i know to set it to tdc before i start, but if the cams moved wouldnt the marking on the sprocket be meaningless?

thanks for those diagrams though, they are nice, it's basically the same procedure for installing the other seal behind the sensor right?