View Full Version : K04 Questions???

08-03-2007, 10:42 PM
Hey i am unexperienced in the field of bigger turbos. I was looking at different K04 kits. I was wondering which one is the best for a 99.5 a4 1.8tqm. I was looking at the one on awetuning.com, which looks like a good kit, but i was wondering if you need an aftermarket exhaust manifold for the k04 kits...

If anyone could share their information for me that would be great....THANKS!!!!

08-03-2007, 10:43 PM
nope - and I have everything you need

08-03-2007, 10:51 PM
AWE is a great kit and they offer great service if you want it new get it from them.

08-04-2007, 07:26 PM
I am not looking to buy one yet, just wanted to know some information for the future. My next mod is getting an aftermarket exhaust. I will probably go with a K04 sometime next year.