View Full Version : strange noise from rear of car?

08-02-2007, 03:16 PM
so i actually went to homedepot and lowes today looking for grille (which i didn't find and neither store had no idea what i was talkin about).. its really nice out so i have my windows down and i hear this stange clicking noise.. almost like when u have a rock in your tire, but faster. but it would only do it when i let off the gas? like when there was pressure through the exhuast no clicking, no pressures it clicks till rpms drop to idle. maybe an exhaust leak? sounds like somewhere in the rear. really pissing me off!! cause i got an oil leak also thats dripping on my cat causein smoke!!! i got a few weeks to get this baby all tuned up cause i got a 4hr per day commute for my new job..

08-02-2007, 07:14 PM
so did some investigating.. the ticking is not comeing from the rear of car.. it sounds like the rear of the engine by the firewall. and it only ticks after i rev it up, not on acceleration, then ticks till the engine returns to idle then stops ticking again.. its soo anoying! it echos of the buildings as i drive coast by.. like i have a baseball card stuck in my bicycle spokes. i doubt its sludge, but i'll find that out when i pull the valve cover in a few days.