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07-31-2007, 10:45 AM
Hey guys, I just bought a 1999 A6 Avant for my dd/roadtrip car (love it), and I am interested in putting in a navigation unit. I know very little about them, and what my options are. Below is a picture of my center console to show what I have to work with.


Can anyone point me in the right direction of what unit/s would work and what might be the best route. I do not care if the unit is flip out or not (I think based on my console, it has to be)... Anyone with the same car or console who has added a nav unit, any pics would be extremely helpful as well I am sure.

Help/suggestions/pics/ect are more than welcome!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!!


German Driver
07-31-2007, 12:24 PM
This is what you will need and I can get it all for you.



07-31-2007, 01:14 PM
Wow, that looks intense! So I need a whole new center console to go with the Audi nav unit? What do I do with the original console (sell? core exchange to you if I purchase the above unit?) Also, are there aftermarket units that would just fit in the single DIN where my stock concert head unit is, which may be cheaper/easier? I have heard that there are some great units that may have some better bells and whistles than the nav plus as well? <--I just want to be sure that I properly weigh out all my options so that I make the best decision/purchase possible. Thank you in advance for the insight so far, and I look forward to hearing more about it!


07-31-2007, 02:42 PM
Wow, that looks intense!



08-01-2007, 08:14 AM
Any help on my other options or more details for the above setup... or preferrably both lol??

08-02-2007, 10:21 AM
Ok the unit above looks great, but I have a few concerns:

I have heard that there are several aftermarket nav units that are much more capable than the RNS-E... can anyone shed some light on the pros/cons, or suggest any aftermarket units that have mor functions that would work?

As well I found this on the NAVplus website: http://www.navplus.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1003

"Model year 1998-1999 C5 A6: Stop here, do not go any further. This upgrade will be very difficult (for most) and costly if you have a single DIN Concert head unit and instrument cluster without a digital clock. You will need to invest a lot of $$ to upgrade some electronics in your A6 to support an RNS-E or RNS-D for that matter. I have yet to see or hear of someone making this investment to make it work. "

Obviously I am still pretty confused, and am hoping someone can shed some additional light. Thanks in advance guys!!!

08-04-2007, 11:24 AM
If you don't care about the OEM look, going the aftermarket route is the more cost effective approach. Besides the mechanical changes (center console, A/C control unit) you would also have to deal with some electrical issues that are only worth to deal with if you absolutely want the OEM look.

08-07-2007, 09:14 AM
OEM look is not near as important as functionality... Can you recommend any after market units that would fit in my console? Thanks in advance!!!

German Driver
08-07-2007, 03:08 PM
Ygm Pm

08-08-2007, 09:06 AM
PM replied, thanks!