View Full Version : Well it was fun at pamldale

07-17-2004, 03:41 AM
Ok so it was not great. But it was nice seeing some A4's and a GTI running tonight. Just sucks that it was hot and the track really did suck. Bad thing for me was the 3 hr drive up and to find that I could not get my car into 3rd gear during my runs.

Odd story today though. The guy next to me just moved out here from NJ and used to run at E-town. Just wanted to know why all the tracks here in Socal are so damn slower then E-town. He is still running the same exact car and says the ET's he gets here are so slow compared to back there. So for those that say there is no difference, there is proof by a normal guy that does not own a Audi/vw but races his eclipse GST spider.