View Full Version : Just had a guy follow me to work and offer to buy my A4!!

07-05-2007, 12:58 PM
I was comming back to work from lunch...driving on a local highway. I decided to taste a little boost (ok...alot of boost) and I flew past an Escalade with wheels, exhaust, yada, yada. I park and go into work. Then I get a call from the receptionist.."Adam? Um...there's a guy here who wants to ask you something about your car." I go downstairs to find a guy looking over my A4. He asked me if I might want to sell it. I replied..."I dont think so...I have put a ton of time and money into it". He said: "Its a stage III+ S4...right?" I told him its a BAT A4. He said that when I passed him...his whole car shook and it was like a jet taking off! He said it was the nicest Audi he had ever seen and began offering me differing sums of money for it. I smiled and said to have a nice afternoon. =)

BTW, if he had offered me something crazy high...I would have taken it. 20K = no deal. [down]