View Full Version : Car Update..should be running soon

06-13-2007, 08:34 PM
I don't think I have posted any updates to my car over here just on the other site. Megasquirt is out. If anyone is interested i have a complete megasquirt ecu and stimulator. Car right now is on jackstands getting a t28 installed. PES programming, newsouth intake gasket, braided oil feed and return lines, pes manifold, 440 green top injectors, vr6 maf housing, pes intake pipe that has to be reworked. I just finished installing an 034 motorsports clutch and flywheel, and should be getting an axle in the mail to replace mine which has a cv boot torn.

I am hoping to have the car running in a few days and then I have decided I will make my own exhaust. Either next week or the week after the car will be back up on stands getting a custom downpipe, and exhaust. I will be running 2.5" turbo back with a glasspack and a magnaflow muffler. I also have the option of going with a 3" testpipe in the future since the seller of the turbo kit was nice enough to include 2 with the deal. I will also have my borla up for sale in a few weeks.

The car has been sitting way too long because of shipment delays. I really just want to drive it. Even when its done I can't even drive it hard cause I have to break the clutch in.

Some pictures from a few days ago.