View Full Version : Running troubles after long distance shipping (longish)

05-28-2007, 05:39 PM
Well.., 2200kms/1367miles by train... it's a finely tuned (recently rebuilt) 1998 A4 with a stroker kit, SDS tuning, SDS EIC controller, SDS LCD programmer, PRofec Over Take Booster... plus lots of fun extra bits...

The car arrived here (Winnipeg, Canada) from Vacouver, BC and it ran roughly at first, but it ran... it was fairly warm outside when I picked it up from the train. I drove it for a day or two after... just after work and close to home. The temp gauge always showed fairly cool... and the car seemed to run fine. There was one thing.. the revs when at idle, would surge a little by about 200 or 300 rpms. Kind of like someone was tapping the gas every couple seconds.

So, by day 2, I go and fill the tank with Shell super unleaded... drive around for a bit.. park it for the night. Next morning, had to drive it in for the safety inspection. It needs some things attended to, but nothing motor related...

Go to pick it up from the garage and it turns over and idles... fairly smoothly... the a/f gauge is showing rich. Just tap the gas and it stalls. You can smell the extra fuel smell in the exhuast. Try to drive, nope.. not going to happen. After a cpl tries, won't even idle.. turns and turns, but no.

Next day I go in.. mech says it is running and he drove it around the block... I took it out.. got it a cpl blocks away... started sounding very rough... right at the light in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in the city.. dead. Won't even idle. Flat bed comes and rescues me.

I am right in the middle of acquiring details from the 1st owner and am in touch with SDS, but I thought I would ask any of you if you might have an idea??

It would seem that too much fuel is being dumped into the engine. Is it because the car was built/tuned at Sea Level? I am not at Sea Level.. it's a little colder here, maybe the system is set to dump more fuel in an attempt to warm up more?

I have a lot of work to do and am up for any reading if anyone has any good reading. The car is supposed to be good to go and is completely drivable... the shipping company had no problem with it...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I searched for SDS... but it doesn't look like it's a popular setup... it's pretty old school. But their systems are still used today in a lot of applications.

If I try to start it right now, it sounds horrible.