View Full Version : Possible Limp Mode? - Found some issues under the hood...

05-24-2007, 10:02 AM
ok... Long story short...

the A4 wasnt running all that great one afternoon ( which seemed to have happened gradually). It felt really slow and like I had no power.

As I start getting worried, I see that I can only hold ~8 psi, in every gear max.

I think limp mode would stop me at 5 psi so i dont know if thats the problem.


I got home and figured what the hell, I'll look under the hood. BAM right away I notice a broken wire.... WTF?! [eek]
Its right under the intake mani. black fabric with a plastic green tube inside....

Im going to take a picture so you guys can help identify it for me.

if you have any Ideas let me know.