View Full Version : How to reset engine codes?

06-30-2004, 07:02 AM
is there any way to do this without going to the dealer?

06-30-2004, 07:11 AM
You need to find someone with a VAG to do it for you.

06-30-2004, 07:19 AM

06-30-2004, 09:03 AM
if you dont need to know what the engine codes are, then just unplug the battery for like 5 mins, or vag it

06-30-2004, 09:05 AM
If you're going to unplug the battery, always remember to get your radio codes handy. But if you have a real problem the car is only going to throw the codes again. Get the car vagged to be safe.

06-30-2004, 11:34 AM
They are actually the regular maintenance and change oil codes that keep popping up on the small red screeen when you crank the car up. Does that classify as the same codes you guys are talking about? And unplugging the battery remove these?

06-30-2004, 11:48 AM
What year/model are you?

Try this: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/elec26.shtm

Those lights are not the same as CELs (Check Engine Lights). CELs are more serious. The oil/inspection thing is just an interval reminder, and goes off every so many miles. Just ignore it if you want, or try that link, or clear it with a VAG-com.