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06-29-2004, 05:57 PM
My friend is hosting a meet it will be sorta in center of California so peeps from more over cali can go. Its going to be in Pismo beach. like Mid california. All Audi's and BMW's are welcome.

We are planning to have it sometime in August so we can give the people farther away a heads up if they wanna go. Its 2 months in advance, so even people out of california, loookin to go on vacation to cali can plan on meetin down here around that time.

once again, I am not sure on exact meeting point or date or time. this is just a heads up, please keep this post alive, maybe stick it or something. id really like to get a ton of people to go. As of now we have about 50 people going. This post is also at www.bmw-forums.com. Its gunna be sick.

More information later

Are you in?


06-29-2004, 06:42 PM
Okay, so the name of this Event is SoCal BMW/Audi Meet 04. I have a friend posting on BMWforums to tell them about the meet also, so it wil be slightly integrated.

Location and route is same as last one, because lots of people enjoyed it. If your bimmer or audi is down, and you have an alternative car, or your friend wants to come in his car, thats fine, aslong as he has the heart to drive and has a love for his car, and aslong as it isnt riced out insane(no offence if you own one).

anyways, heres the sitch:

Drive is 67 miles long, of twisties, some good straights, and plenty of ocean view canyon driving and coast cruising...we will end at Islands, for burgers and drinks and such(no, im not paying for you, bring your own damn money.)

August 21st 10:00 AM at:

Hyatt Westlake Plaza
880 S Westlake Blvd
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Exit 101 Freeway at "Westlake Blvd./CA23"
Go south on Westlake Blvd. to Townsgate (first intersection), left on Townsgate Road.
First left into parking lot for Hyatt/Fedex/Red's BBQ.
Meeting point is back end of parking lot, away from hotel & office structures.

There'll be plenty of time for tire kickin' and wipe-em-down before we take off, and there's a Mobil station at Townsgate & Westlake for last-minute refueling.

Drive will atleast be 2 hours, probably longer, unless you guys and gals wanna go longer(Id be down for up to 4 hours..tank of gas at high speed wont let me go more then 3).

Please Email me at Mdvnewsc666@hotmail.com for RSVP, or IM me at Unfknstpbl666.

Thanks guys.

Everyone is welcome, and tell your friends that are also euro or BMW/Audi owners..if youd like it to just be BMW/Audi, only tell your BMW/Audi friends..Thank..

DONT FORGET YOUR CAMERAS! And any other things you might need if something happens to your car. Be sure to check oil, coolant, and any other settings before you leave that you think might be required to do this drive successfully.

questions or comments, email at mdvnewsc666@hotmail.com or IM me at Unfknstpbl666

thanks, hope lots of people come.