View Full Version : Looking for euro rear plate surround piece for allroad??

04-18-2007, 05:35 PM
I have a 2001 allroad and would like to add the rear euro license plate surround piece to continue with the euro look Im going for. Ive seen guys with them on their allroad or a6 and actually im'd one guy but never heard back. Im pretty sure you can get them but not sure how. If anyone could help me out it would be great. Thanks

04-20-2007, 03:04 PM
i found some on ebay.

04-20-2007, 05:55 PM
Thanks, Ill try and look them up on ebay.

04-20-2007, 05:57 PM
What did you type in to find them? I tried "rear euro license plate surround" but no luck.

09-25-2007, 05:41 PM
did you get them from hong kong? I saw one for sale but it was from hong kong and i was leary about it

11-18-2007, 03:58 PM
the one's from Hong Kong are generally in pretty good shape. I have gone through three of them now, the first two came from Hong Kong, one had a small crack in it, but it never leaked, the other I still have (for sedan not all-road), it has a small leak I think. The last one I got from Germany.

11-18-2007, 11:46 PM
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/INGOLSTADT-plate-with-AUDI-dealer-frame_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50451QQihZ005QQit emZ150122986623#ebayphotohosting

11-20-2007, 07:39 PM
I have not looked into this part...I will look up the part number on ETKA and post the screenshot in a few.

11-20-2007, 09:15 PM
Greg can confirm this, but I think the avant version is about $165 and fits allroad and A6 wagons. The sedan version should be the same price...

11-20-2007, 09:20 PM
Here are the details from ETKA 7, I do not have any plans on ordering any of these.


11-20-2007, 09:51 PM
I do not have any plans on ordering any of these.

If Greg is not interested in bringing these in, we can special-order a few for interested customers...

12-27-2007, 11:22 AM
FWIW - We have one of these coming around Jan 10 and will post some photos when it hits our doors...