View Full Version : New Engine Build Questions

Still Lost
04-15-2007, 08:47 PM
Ok so if you guys know of a better forum or thread to look at in reference to my questions please feel free to re-direct me. I've been working on cars for the last 6ish years and am great w/ body work and doing any DIY job out there, I've done interior stuff, suspension stuff, clutch/flywheel etc.....but when it comes to the engine I'm a bit clueless as to what is out there in terms of aftermarket performance upgrades, of course I know I can buy a bolt on kit from a number of companies but I'm interested in building up a new engine out of my car and then when it's complete drop it in.

So what I'm looking for is what type of things will I need or want to do in order to build a AEB 1.8t into a really good daily driver with substantially more performance yet has great reilability? I was thinking of starting w/ a seized engine and boring it out, port/polish/valve job etc. but I'm not exactly sure what my options are for this engine, so can anyone point me in a direction concerning that and those parts...

As for turbo and programming I know there are a ton of possibilities but which would fit best into what I'm looking for?

Also what other parts/things should I consider along the way?

Any help would rock!