View Full Version : 2.8L engine misfires

04-09-2007, 07:25 AM
I just recently had the full timing belt service. Upon leaving the shop and driving it home, the car started to misfire many times. I brought it back in the next day and they said it may have been moisture in the spark plugs so they blew everything out but it's still misfiring. They are now saying it's either the spark plugs or something else that escapes me now. They say it can't be related to the timing belt job b/c the codes are random misfire and cyl. 3 misfire. If it had been the timing belt it would have been multiple cylinders misfiring. My question is this - the car didn't misfire at all before this timing belt job, so doesn't it have to mean that this misfiring is caused by something they did? It's pretty conincidental that something else on my car goes bad exactly at the same time they do the timing belt work.

04-09-2007, 07:28 AM
Isn't a "random misfire" kinda like multiple cylinders misfiring? Take it back to them until they get it fixed. Let em know!

04-09-2007, 10:46 AM
Yeah, I thought that myself. But they said ALL the cylinders would misfire. In any case it has to go back in again b/c it's still misfiring. But is it even possible that the spark plugs are now causing the misfire, when before I took it to them they never caused any misfires? I mean does removing and then putting back on old spark plugs cause them to instantly fail? It just seems like bs to me.

04-13-2007, 10:25 AM
Well replacing the spark plugs has seemed to end the misfires. I must say the shop was great, not even charging me labor on the plugs and supplying the rental car for the time it took to make sure everything was ok. Pro-Imports in Rockville, MD definitely has my cofidence and thanks.