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Pure Euro
03-24-2007, 12:00 PM

Thank God It's Sunday Cruise

Well, now that it's summer in SoCal... Pure Euro has decided to put together a friendly cruise for ALL EUROs. Our last cruise for Superbowl Sunday was incredibly successful and everybody had a good time...

We will be cruising from A.C. Stelle Middle School in Calabasas to a Pay-Yourself parking lot in Santa Monica right next to the sand to have a picnic (bring your own food) and some fun in the sun...

When: Sunday, March 25th
Time: Meet at AC Stelle in Calabasas no later than 10:30am. Start showing up @ 10am.
Where: AC Stelle is located at 22450 Mulholland Highway (http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=22450+Mulholland+Hwy&csz=Calabasas%2C++CA&country=us&new=1&name=&qty=) (Click link for directions)
To help illustrate where in the lot we'll be meeting...

From there, we will head out for some light canyon-driving.. Speed-limits WILL be obeyed... It is a Sunday in the Malibu hills and the sheriffs will be out with a 0 tolerance. We'll cruise down P.C.H. and end up at the parking lot, which is the second public parking lot just past the California Incline.

We should arrive around 11:30, Pure Euro will set up our 10x10 tent in the sand (which you can see is directly next to our parking lot), and we can all hang out for a day at the beach.


There is a restaurant 1/2 block to the north (which has good food) but if you'd like to hang around with everyone else, bring a cooler with a lunch for yourself... I'm going to bring some bread, cold-cuts, chips and a soda and make myself a sandwich....

Bring your cameras and $5 cash! The parking lot costs $5 per person... you will need to go to the machine and pay for your spot and covers all-day. There are some amazing photo-spots (a few in the lot we'll be in) and hopefully the weather will cooperate for an amazing day..

This was taken in the lot on Sunday..


So who's in?

- SoCalDubber B7 A4
- DriftStick Mk4 GTI
- 15degreeGTI Mk4 GTI
- LiquidCrystalDisplay Mk5 GTI
- SoloGLI Mk4 Jetta
- 1vr6driver Mk4 Jetta
- Ionz13 Mk4 GTI
- bumpin1ohm Mk4 Jetta
- Ultimatetaba Audi A3
- Kerosel R32
- jetgrindradio00 Mk3 Jetta
- sudden_970 Mk4 GTI
- RaLLyERaDo Mk3 Jetta
- flipstylie Mk4 Golf
- michgo2003 03 Passat
- GTI2005 Mk4 GTI

- A4alain2
- B6driver B6 A4
- theworldisyours B6 A4
- DManv8 B7 RS4

- Streamline Mk4 GTI
- blackestheart Mk4 GTI
- Audios
- Audimane A3
- TonyzGTI

- absoluteczech Mk5 GTI
- boaz Mk5 GTI
- SoCalComatose Mk5 GTI
- sunenerin Mk5 GTI
- Loodias Mk5 GTI
- sunenerin Mk5 GTI

- jtrejo E46 M3

- BlueBimmerKid E36 M3
- MFever 91 3

DFM Magazine:
- -teknien- OLD Rabbit :laugh:


Red Bull has just jumped on as "The Official Energy Drink of TGIS"... There should be enough Red Bull there for people to have a nice "wake-up" before the drive.

Thanks, Red Bull.