View Full Version : PS Squealing problem terrible!!!

03-24-2007, 03:10 AM
Hi All! Here is my problem
I bought 1996 Audi 2.8L Cabriolet last week with 91k Miles and it was pretty good for 11 yr old car. This morning when I drove to work and I noticed that terrible squeaking noise was coming everytime I turned the steering wheel. I stopped to see what was going on and when I opened the hood I saw PS fluid spilled all over and it was oozing out of the reservoir cap. When I opened the reservoir, I saw lot of foam and it seems that PS pump was backing the fluid up into the reservoir. I made one terrible mistake and it was that I topped it off with Prestone PS fluid. After reading the forum I came to know that Audi's require special Pentosin mineral oil. Anyway when I reached the mechanic's place the level in the reservoir was again below the low mark and it spilled again. It seems my PS pump is not working and it is backing into the reservoir. I took the engine cover out and it seems that the pump can be replaced with not much difficulty. Can anyone guide me how to replace the pump and should I replace the pump first and then flush the fluid by disconnecting two finger sized hoses at the bottom of the reservoir and filling and draining at the same time till all the fluid is flushed. Are there any other seals I have to replace?
What should I order besides the PS pump?
Does anyone have DIY for PS pump, pics and step by step directions would be helpful?
Any other tips?

All the inputs will be highly appreciated.