View Full Version : Exhaust for 1.8T tip

03-22-2007, 04:53 PM
I've been looking at exhausts for the 1.8T tip-tronic. Some places only list exhausts for the manual. No mention of the tip. Borla lists an exhaust for the tip and manual.

Do you know if their is a difference in the two exhausts?

03-22-2007, 07:43 PM
The difference is in the downpipe. The manual downpipe has a small bracket on it, whereas the tiptronic one doesn't. I am running a tip system on a 5 speed car with no issues so the actual bends in the downpipe are the same.
Hope it helps.

03-22-2007, 08:08 PM
so could the bracket from a 5 speed be cut off to make it work with a tip. would that even be necessary to make it work?

03-22-2007, 09:07 PM
Here's the side by side comparison of both(you can see the simple bracket that differs the 5 speed from the tip). I have never looked under an automatic B5 so I have no clue what the clearances are like there. But my guess is you can make it work fairly easily, since I had no trouble fitting an automatic downpipe on mine.


03-23-2007, 10:10 AM
That helps a lot. Thanks for the description and pic's.