View Full Version : Please help with B5 A4 FWD rear suspension

03-18-2007, 12:28 AM
I was installing my H&R cup kit today and the front went well (I've installed some coilovers on a FWD passat and an a4 quattro before - it was pretty much the same).

Then I got to the rears and expected it to be cake...which it almost was...until I couldn't find the bolts that connect the upper mounts to the chassis. :(

I expected there to be two bolts in each rear wheel well, but there wasn't. It looks like it's bolted from the cabin through a pair of welded nuts on each shock upper mount. So I thought...okay...no biggie...It's behind a trunk panel. I ripped away my panels and didn't find the bolts.

Can anyone tell me where I can look to unbolt these damn things? Pictures perhaps?