View Full Version : PRE-ORDERS (2nd batch) for B6 A4 (5-Speed) JHM "Solid" Short Throw Shifter

03-17-2007, 03:33 PM
UPDATE: We should be going into production on a second batch in about a week. So I am offer my introductory price for these as well. Who knows at this rate I might stay sold out and keep the price down.

This is a special intro price. No coupon needed

Get it here: https://www.shop.jhmotorsports.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=5&categoryId=5

NOW. About our shifters

Why reuse the stock plastic and rubber pivot assembly which is reused by ALL other short shifters when you can run a JHM (http://jhmotorsports.com) "solid" short throw shifter with a steel bearing with bronze race inside of a billet aluminum base? The feedback and feel is unmatched. Slop and play is also reduced as well. The rest of our shifter is all steel that will outlast any other shifter under every day driving or racing conditions. In addition the bottom steel base weighs more than stock which aids in shifting due to the increased inertia (works similar to a weighted ball). Last but not least we replace the sloppy rubber bushings on the sides of the shifter with solid Delrin units, increasing feedback and feel even further.

Comparison Pic of the final Prototype

Videos pics and info on our shifter. http://www.audishifter.com (watch the comparison video)

Powershifting video with our shifter at the track! (http://audishifter.com/videos/Jaybquick_11.70_Powershifting_web.wmv)

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Some of the vehicles with our shifter: http://www.jhmotorsports.com/projects/

NOTE: Our reduction is all done at the bottom where the pivot to the rest of the linkage is. It is already adjustable from 5% to 25% based on your preference. However with these pre orders I can lower the knob height by 1" for more reduction, being that they can easily be modified while in production vs. after. This can bring the reduction down to about 40%. Just specify when you order.

It retains the pushdown and installs just like the factory shifter.

Here is the install video I made for the B6 platform, the shifter in this video is a 5 speed, your 6 speed installs the same way. http://audishifter.com/videos/JHM_instructions_B6_B7_web768k.wmv