View Full Version : bad ground?

03-13-2007, 08:13 PM
today at work i had a tech move my car (with absolutly no problem) to the other side of the parking lot. no more than 10 minutes later i tried starting it and the trip computer and radio lights started freakin on me kind of like if the battery had died. so he and i scratched our heads (and asses) for a minute and then tried jumping it with a jump box. it fired up fine and i let it run for a while to get the alternator turning. when i got home and shut it off, i tried starting it up again and nothing. i put a battery charger on it for around 4 hours and then tried starting it. nothing. so it cant be a dead battery. i replaced the negative battery cable a few days ago because the screw connecting to the battery terminal broke a few weeks ago (i cleaned everything properly with a wire brush during install). it ran fine untill now. the car has never had any electrical problems before and this is the only thing i have messed with. i tested the battery with a test light and everything seemed fine on the bettery terminals. i didnt get a good ground when i tested the grounding end of the neg cable wire. but i got a good ground when i tested on the block. so im guessing i may have a bad neg battery cable or im not getting a solid ground from the battery. i might have to go pick up another and try it. has anyone every had a problem like this before?

03-13-2007, 11:48 PM
If it started with a jump start, i assume the ground/earth to be ok otherwise it wouldnt have started. It does sound like the battery is dead TBH as they can just die like that