View Full Version : somebody want to critique/correct my brake purchase

03-10-2007, 08:20 AM
here's the story, it looks like my master cylinder needs replacing so i figured ill just put my income tax return towards new brakes all around including stage 1 purems a8 kit, new rear rotors (nothing special), and mintex red box pads all around.... how much and what company do you recommend for fluid? should i bother with ss lines, perhaps recommend replacing with new oe brake lines instead?

pap-parts has two listings for my '98.5 a4 for mintex red box pads:
8E0 698 451/M = $34.95 "A4, 1998-05"
4D0 698 451 B/M = $39.95... this one specifically states quattro so im assuming this is the right one - "A4 Quattro, 1996-01, except S4"

anyways here the shopping list:

mintex red box pads front and rear
ATE SL4 DOT4 fluid.... x 3 ????
ss lines? oe lines?
oe rear brake rotors
master cylinder

stage 1 brake kit

id really like to buy something similar to the ecs stage 2 kit with boxster calipers but im looking for a cheap brake upgrade... atleast starting small with only the purems stage 1 kit i can upgrade to boxster calipers down the line if i want

03-10-2007, 08:27 AM
i would skip the Mintex Redbox pads and get a better pad. Something like the Ferrodo DS2500, Hawk HPS, Carbotech Bobcat or even the Pagid Sport blue's.

Also on the fluid many of us had trouble with squeeky clutches with the ATe SuperBlue fluid. I have been using the Pentosyn Super Dot 4 and it works great, or you could also look at the Motul fluids.

03-24-2007, 03:48 PM
FWIW, I put ATE Super Blue fluid in my e30 BMW 325is with ss lines, nice pads & slotted rotors. I never had a problem with the fluid. But i have never tracked the car, and never gotten any fade. No squeak problems for me. Again, it's not an Audi, and i cannot speak as EBG with his direct A4 experience, but no problems here.