View Full Version : a couple of coolant system questions

02-18-2007, 12:40 PM
my radiator started leaking again, so I bought some of that bars stop leak and put it in the overflow tank. Now before you criticize me, this stuff has already bought me two years on this radiator for $3, and that beats the hell out of $700 to have a radiator put in.

Unfortunately, I've lost heat. I suspect when the coolant got low and I refilled, an air bubble developed somewhere. That is the most likely culprit, correct? So how do I go about "burping" the coolant to restore heat?

The other question, I was at the auto parts store and saw they have this new 50/50 antifreeze/coolant that, they claim, will work with ANY color coolant on ANY make or model of car; since Audi antifreeze is like $30 a gallon, and I'm not sure if I completely sealed the leak yet, is this stuff a reasonable alternative?

02-18-2007, 01:43 PM
It is most likley that your stop leak has stopped up your heater core, the hoses should both be hot to the touch once your engine is warm if coolant if flowing though properly, you may be able to back flush it with a water hose to get it flowing agian.

Trust me on this, you would rather replace 2 radiators than 1 heater core

Audi's antifreeze has lubricants in it that will make your water pump last longer and anti-crorrosion additive also which will make your radiator and heater core last longer. But prestone is pretty good stuff too. It sounds like your radiator is on borrowed time, I would suggest repalcing it yourself and flushing your entire coolant system. DIY and save big money
Goto the DIY section and look in the timing bellt section, just follow up to the remove the radiator, with just a few tools it shouldnt take 2hours