View Full Version : V1 Stealth Remote Display Mod, no Mode Display

02-12-2007, 08:40 PM
Got my code working and programmed.
7 wires needed to connect.

Will be available once i get an idea how many are interested.

This is what this Mod does to the V1 Remote Display:

When you turn on the V1 it will go through all its startup functions, and Display the current "MODE"

A few seconds later the Mode "A", "L" and Small "l" will disapear.

When a signal is detected the Display will come back on as normal.

If you press the Mute button on the Remote Display the Current Mode will be displayed.

There is no change in how the V1 operates, this just completely blanks out the display so you do not have a "MODE" light all the time on your dash.

The Dimmer function is still active.

The J should still display (havent had a J so i cant test at the moment, but i programmed it to have enough time delay after a signal is detected before the display shuts off)

Here are the Videos:(sorry night videos at the moment)

V1 turning On,goes through all the modes then display shuts off.

Pressing the Mute Button to display current mode (comes on for about 3 seconds then goes away)

Driving with the V1, Shows the Stealth Display off, then once it detects the signal all the LEDs and Counter come back on, once the signal is no longer, the Stealth Remote Display will go blank.
Depending on the Demand the Mod will be selling for around $20 DIY, or $45 installed

I will be selling the chips and wires and resistors necessary to DIY, or i will offer my services for install. The chip being used is fine pitch, but i may adapt it to a larger platform.