View Full Version : How I spent my Saturday (in pics)

02-10-2007, 08:33 PM
where'd the old turbo go? [cool]


one dirty and one clean ...


never re-use the old gaskets


what a mess, cant wait to get her back together


mostly done!


02-10-2007, 09:10 PM
nice! did you do your timing belt/waterpump or just the turbo(please don't tell me just the turbo)?

02-10-2007, 09:36 PM
Nice pictures. You got a good camera. Even though the Audi is a bitch to work on, it sure helps a lot once you get that whole front end off. [:)][up]

02-10-2007, 10:08 PM
Cool post! Hey bro good thing you have good weather instead of the rain and snow we got. Good Luck!

02-11-2007, 01:47 PM
good work. I wouldnt have the balls to go that far and pull the entire nose off my car (ill admit it!) and do a major job like that. Good luck with the rest!

what kind of turbo is the new one?

02-11-2007, 01:57 PM
That's just a newer K03 correct?

02-11-2007, 02:37 PM
Im guessing its a K04, why would he do another K03?

02-11-2007, 03:25 PM
the new turbo is a hybrid K03S. I was in there doing my timing belt/water pump/etc. I saw how easy the turbo was to get to, and decided to go for it. With the front off, I had the old turbo out and the new one in 3 hours.[wrench]
Here are the pics from today, i did a bunch of stuff while I was in there.

replaced this part


and this cracked peice of junk [:o]


All the stuff i did today[up]


all the goods installed!


and almost done getting it back together!


oh and the camera is a canon digital rebel [:D]

02-11-2007, 04:17 PM
Nice work!!

02-11-2007, 04:31 PM
looks like you installed the n75 valve wrong

02-11-2007, 04:34 PM
nice. im starting to do a timing belt change. i just got my audi its got almost 130,000 miles on it and i dont know when the last one was done. your eninge bay looks clean, i wish i could say the same about mine.

02-11-2007, 05:20 PM
looks like you installed the n75 valve wrong

really? I installed it how it came off the car. I think someone had messed with it previously before i owned it. Here's a close up of how I have it installed...


can you point me to a diagram of how to properly install it? I'd appreciate it!

02-11-2007, 06:58 PM
no, thats right. you have it innstalled correctly.

02-11-2007, 07:06 PM
Any particular benifits of going to the newer K03s vs the price difference between standard k03 and the S version? Also, what is that first piece you replaced, the one that looks like it has a roller?

02-11-2007, 07:09 PM
thats the serpentine belt tensioner.

02-11-2007, 07:11 PM
That's the Serpentine belt tensioner.

02-11-2007, 07:44 PM
^^^beat ya...lol!!!!

02-11-2007, 07:59 PM
Yeah I saw that ;) I'm a slow reader.

02-11-2007, 08:15 PM
Why didn't you just go for a k04? That looks messy.

02-11-2007, 08:17 PM
no, thats right. you have it innstalled correctly.


02-11-2007, 08:20 PM
Why didn't you just go for a k04? That looks messy.

k04 too much money, and this car alreayd has 85K on it , i dont think it could handle a k04

S4 Dan
02-11-2007, 09:30 PM
since im sellin my S, i almost want to pick up a 1.8 w/ a blown turbo. and just put an insainly large turbo onto it, and see what kind of power i can get out of it for fun... it would be a good project car, and i wouldnt mind if the motor blew, if i didnt have much inot it.... plus theres alot less to take apart.... when we do turbos in our S4's at my buddies house, its alot of work to get to those babies.... this is def less work [:D] maybe ill have a new project soon.... ill post up here if thats the case [:)]

02-12-2007, 04:18 AM
k04 too much money, and this car alreayd has 85K on it , i dont think it could handle a k04

there is people here with more than 100k miles on the clock and are running with larger turbos, like said many times before in other threads, if you take care of your baby...baby will take care of you.

i have 135k and planing on going BT within a year.

1 ate T
02-12-2007, 05:10 AM
I have a friend that had a BT at 130K miles... Your car could easily handle a K04 if maintained properly.

Nice pics! [up]