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02-09-2007, 12:26 PM
Got in a minor fender bender lately. The hood needs to be replaced and the bumper is said to be repairable (fixing a gash/hole and resprayed in the front). If they're not gonna say the bumper needs REPLACED, thus raising my estimate to include a new bumper and all that goes with it, thus allowing me to get a Reiger RS4 bumper for $100 less than OEM, thus letting me save money AND get a new bumper AND use that money towards an intake.... then I'm just gonna say screw it and keep the money from getting the bumper fixed and do something else with it, like put it towards a new bumper or getting my lowers professionally painted. I don't want to pay to have a bumper fixed that I don't even really like and is in fair condition in the first place.

If I do THAT, then I'll try and save money by putting the hood on myself too, so what all goes in to that? If I get the hood painted of course, what all goes in to swapping an OEM for OEM? I believe I'd need the hood and the supports as well? Just looking for as much info as possible so I can make a decision here and save some money. If my insurance pays for a new hood (and any supporting parts along with being painted), new headlight (i can put that in myself) and to repair the hole and respray the bumper... and all I pay to do is to buy the hood and have it painted (the bumper is fine for now and the headlight is still perfectly functional), then I can come out ahead on this, or maybe at LEAST get my deductable back.

I appreciate yur help!

02-09-2007, 07:38 PM
The hood has 2 bolts for each latch, the windshield washer lines come off easily, and so does the hood shock. It's very straight forward.

ice cream man
02-09-2007, 07:47 PM
Some colors are diffrent pre and post facelift for example the silver chnged

02-12-2007, 08:44 AM
that's good info, thanks guys.

i'm kind of in a spot though. if the shop i'm taking it to can't get my insurance to replace the bumper completely, then i really have no interest in repairing it. so if that's the case, then i can probably replace the hood my self as well. so i just take it in to the shop and then leave and say "well thanks for looking at it but i'll be doing the rest of the work my self"? That's kind of dick...

I'm hoping they can replace the hood and the bumper so I can pay my $500 deductable and leave a happy camper.