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01-14-2007, 11:47 AM
well i was checking out the dimensions and whatnot of my cd-changer hole in my avant, since i was thinking of putting a phatnoise or an aftermarket subwoofer in there, and i noticed this little green label on the metal box below cd-changer.


through inductive reasoning, i take it that this contains the subwoofer and that it is an enclosed box. i already knew the sub was in that area, due to the fact that i could use my sence of touch to feel the "thump"

would this mean that i could take this box apart and add a better sub, since it is already enclosed?


01-14-2007, 12:06 PM
I think the sub that is in there is a 6" or something. Don't quote me on that though. I would remove that bassbox, and use the wiring for a new sub.

01-14-2007, 04:46 PM
let us know how this goes.

01-14-2007, 06:20 PM
i guess i will try to get to it next weekend.

01-14-2007, 07:45 PM
i wouldnt see why you couldnt remove the stock sub and place a new one in its box... but its box looks like its plastic, so mdf or fiberglass woudl sound better

01-14-2007, 08:00 PM
no, the box is actually metal!?

01-14-2007, 08:15 PM
oh well metal is fine, i dont see why you couldnt just simply pop out the oem sub and toss in a better one, however, you might need to wire in a new amp.

01-14-2007, 08:23 PM
you might need to wire in a new amp.

yes, this would be a problem. i really dont want to have a big amp chilling on the back of my seats or anything, but i wouldnt see too much gain in sound with out an individual amp for the sub.

i was thinking if i got another stock amp, i could wire it to that and put it right above the cd changer; assuming it is as small as it looks in pictures. i dont know where mine is so i cant measure it.

01-14-2007, 08:29 PM
look on ebay, there are some really super small amps out there, that might fit with some modifications