View Full Version : Damn Abs Light !! Help

12-20-2006, 05:45 PM
oK Guys here is my problem, not to long ago i had to replace my passenger knuckle because it became bent due to an accident i was in I picked on up for a local junkyard and they gave me a 99 PASSANT Knuckle. As i was replacing the knuckle for some reason the ABS Ring that sits on the axle SNAPS [:(]. so i went to a local shop that repairs Axels and they just replaced the broken ABS ring with a new one. so everything looked fine, the knuckle fit the ABS ring was in and i clean out the ABS sensors. i didnt have any trouble putting everything back together[wrench]. So i take the car out for a spin just to make sure everything was ok. Everything felt good untill i hit 20mph, as iam stoping the ABS starts to kick in [confused] wtf then couple mins later the ABS LIGHT COME ON and the i hear 3 beeps and the break light starts blinking [=(]. Now everytime i start the car the ABS light come on and like 5 mins later i hear the damn 3 beeps and then the blinking break light

So want did i do wrong ??? or did my ABS Module go out on me, i highly doubt it since the car was working fine even after the accident

12-20-2006, 11:22 PM
ABS module is done for. Mine's been that way for a while now. There's a company that repairs them in FL and does a damn good job at it. Search for ABS on E-Bay, you'll find them.